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For hot work a pumped instrument, sensitive to low concentrations of flammable gases and vapours is your only choice. The question is, which one is best for my application?

 Draeger X-am 7000“Choosing and the right detector and using it correctly is essential!”


 Think carefully about the task you are about to undertake and get expert advice.


Planning for Hot Work

  1. Substitute hot work for a safer alternative – cold work.
  2. Always undertake a suitable and sufficient risk assessment.
  3. Determine which gas detector is required: ask yourself, do my sensors detect the gases and vapours likely to be present?
  4. Is it calibrated correctly for the gases or vapours I am working with?
  5. Fully survey the surrounding area. When performing hot work in locations where storage tanks and other containers are present, thoroughly test and continuously monitor.
  6. Eliminate potential sources of flammables and ignition.
  7. Always use a Permits to Work. Suitably designed permits for hot work must be used and all those working under them must be trained and shown to be competent to follow them.
  8. All gas testers and others under taking hot work must be trained in the specific hazards associated with this type of activity and be competent in undertaking the tasks assigned to them.
  9. All gas testers should hold an in-date Authorised Gas Tester Certificate covering hot work and shown to be competent to undertake such tasks.
  10. All hot work must be supervised at all times.

Scienco provide a free advice line, selection guidance, training and site testing services for hot work. why not call now on our free advice line: 0845 6039053


Hot Work TrainingHot Work Training

Following one of our programmes designed to meet the initial training and validation requirements for those intending to work as Authorised Gas Testers is recommended for all those using gas detectors for hot work.

We actively work with our clients to produce tailored training courses that meet the specific needs of those active in all industries including: oil & gas exploration, oil and gas transportation and storage, petrochemical, shipping, manufacturing, tank & vessel cleaning and inspection companies.