Courses range from user and trainer training for authorised gas testers, to full confined space, hot work and purging applications. If you need service, calibration and confined space entry courses, these are provided in conjunction with Draeger UK’s world renowned training centre, guaranteeing the standards you expect.

AGT trainingGas Detector and Industry Training.

Authorised Gas Tester Training

Gas detector training including: OPITO Authorised Gas Tester courses for hot work, confined spaces and purging is provided anywhere in the UK or Europe with access to the full training centre in Aberdeen.

  • AGT level 1 – Up to and including confined spaces
  • AGT level 2 – Up to and including Hot Work
  • AGT level 3 – Hot work attendants
  • AGT level 4 – Purging

Gas Industry Training

Other courses and user group leads include:

  • Gas Quality
  • Gas Odorisation, measurement and fade mechanism
  • Gas conditioning
  • Theft of gas awareness
  • Hygrometric testing
  • Biogas testing and analysis

Scienco man“Scienco provide quality training designed to maximise the skill and potential available within your business. Our trainers concentrate on the individual needs of your business and use tailored courses focusing on what’s best for you.”